The development project (Project TREND – Xi Chip) focuses on the use and further development of know-how and its translation into production technology for imaging cameras for various types of radiation. The cameras are used, for example, for X-ray imaging in medicine, for non-destructive testing in industry and for microscopy in electronics. The aim of the project is to develop sensor chips and related technologies to significantly improve the basic parameters of imaging systems, focusing on: larger sensitive area, higher sensitivity, lower image noise and higher contrast, higher long-term stability and lower failure frequency.


  • Manufacturing imaging cameras for various types of radiation
  • Development of sensors chips and related technologies
  • Emphasis on: lager sensitive area, lower image noise
  • New types of X-ray imaging sensors


  • ADVACAM s.r.o
  • Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)

Duration: 1/2024 – 6/2026