3D laser stripping

developed for monolithic cutting tools, where multi-axis kinematics is applied detailed info will be added soon

Deep engraving

according to curtomer’s requiremets depths over 0,5mm up to 5mm with high demand on sufrace roughness

raznik celek

Pressing tools

Standard radial micromachining with non-standard results Ablation accuracy for final depth < 1µm


Focused on crucial details Small dimensions in order of tenths of millimeters up to units of micrometers Fine surface roughness < 0,2µm our laser systems enable to reach fine quality surface roughness (<0,2 µm) in combination of very tight tolerance field (+/- 2 µm). Smaller tolerances can be considered  after consultation.


Chip breakers for cutting tools

combines radial or tangential way of laser micromachining with highly accurate 5-axis stages in combination of 2-axis optical galvo-scanner. For this type of micromachining a recognition interface via camera is needed as an in-machine measurement, which helps very pricesily to identify general freeform planes of products (e.g. monolitnic cutting tools, micro-parts,…).